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CAST is an experimental series challenging the traditional image of textile form. By blending knitting craft with experimental material, this series showcases a refined relationship between materials, form and texture. The pieces are knitted by inlay techniques combining up-cycled bubble wrap during the knitting process. The uniquely chosen material characterise by its light weight and flexibility, creates sculptural and weight- less pieces conceiving a new possibility of textile form.

A contemporary form that shows a mastery of traditional circular knitting methods and expresses the relation of humanity's role in the ecosystem by linking up-cycled material and traditional knitting technique. Displaying understanding and control of materials with knitting techniques, Yu Mei’s work speaks in a personal voice and questions what is the future material. This series infuses ideas around culture mobility and displacement. The sculptural pieces allow the bubble wrap to lead the shape and form of textile, which represents her as an Asian artist living/working in Western country and demonstrate how different environments shape her behaviour unconsciously.

Discipline: Textile art 

Material:: elastic yarn, bubble wrap, mohair

Year: 2023

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