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Lea Boberg

Knitwear design consultancy and production


Collaborating with Lea Boberg to design and produce a knitwear collection  for her 22SS line. As an established fashion designer, Lea Boberg has gained a reputation for her innovative approach to fashion design, with a focus on blending contemporary and traditional elements to create striking pieces that are both timeless and unique.


For this project, we were tasked with creating two key pieces - the mock-rib halterneck and the reverse mock-rib top - both of which were fully-fashioned knitted using 100% Japanese silk yarn. Our team approached the design and production process with the utmost attention to detail, carefully considering every aspect of the design to ensure that it met Lea Boberg's exacting standards.


Using traditional knitting techniques, we were able to create pieces that were both stunning in their simplicity and sophisticated in their construction. The fully-fashioned knitting technique allowed us to create pieces that were seamless, with every stitch carefully crafted to ensure that the finished product was flawless.


The use of 100% Japanese silk yarn added an element of luxury and elegance to the final pieces, resulting in knitwear that was not only beautiful but also incredibly comfortable to wear. Each piece was a true testament to the art of knitwear design and the power of collaboration, showcasing the exceptional talent and expertise of both Lea Boberg and our team.

Discipline: Fashion

Material:: 100% Japanese silk knitwear

Year: 2022

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