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Art Direction / Fashion design and production / Set design


I was honored to be entrusted with a key role in the creative management of YOGA LIN's 2021 concert, 'XIANG YU YI YANG'. My responsibilities involved overseeing the art direction for the costume design of not only the award-winning Taiwanese singer but also the 14 band players. This included designing the wardrobe and accessories that would complement the musical performance and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the concert.


Moreover, I was also responsible for the art scene design, which involved conceptualizing, planning, and executing the visual elements that would accompany the musical performances on stage. This required me to collaborate closely with YOGA LIN and his team to ensure that the design of the art scenes reflected his artistic vision while also captivating the audience's attention and creating a memorable experience.


In addition to my expertise in art direction, I leveraged my keen eye for detail and passion for creativity to ensure that every aspect of the costume and art scene design was executed to the highest standards. My goal was to create a seamless, immersive experience for the audience and contribute to the success of the concert.

Discipline: Fashion

Material:: Knitted fabric, Polyester

Year: 2021

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