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The inner space.

A dialogue between fabric and the audience.

Through reinventing knitting techniques with a wide range of experimental material, the fabrics creates extremely high moldability, and changes the silhouette with different movement. The fabric maintains in 2D version in the state without a form, and when the internal objects of the fabric change, it drives the shape and shows the relationship between fabric and space. The concept of  “Let the object lead the shape” focuses on the relationship between fabric and form, the silhouette is shifted by different individuals, and a illusion of the inner space was recreated.


The shape of _.

Fabric  /  Form  /  Silhouette 

Using everyday objects to communicate the connection between people and their surroundings. The interplay of hard and soft materials, simple and complex compositions thereby compose a reflection of how our society functions.


Discipline: Textile 

Material:: Cotton, Linen, Plastic, Acrylic

Year: 2020

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