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A Long Day



"A LONG DAY" is a collaborative installation featuring knit artist Yu-Mei Huang  and the Creative director of BAO, Erchen Chang hosted at BAO Kings Cross. This exhibition seamlessly blends Yu-Mei Huang's textured knit artworks with BAO's emotive illustrations, inspired by the iconic character, Lonely man. Debuting as a part of the September 2023 London Design Festival, this project bridges the domains of textile artistry and gastronomy while honoring the cultural traditions of Taiwan.

The collaboration draws inspiration from the versatile Chinese word “包” (bāo), signifying both “bun” and “bag,” and culminates in the creation of “Lonely Bags.” These unique pieces artfully combine emotionally charged illustrations with knit bags, depicting the various moods people experience after a long day. This fusion of textile and illustration also extends to captivating textile installations and exhibits at BAO’s Kings Cross location.

LONELY BAG                                ANGRY / BLACK


LONELY BAG                                       CRY / BLUE
                                                                (SOLD OUT)

Plisse Knit Bag

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