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Yu-Mei Huang is a London-based textile artist, whose focus lies in innovative knit practice. Drawing from her East Asian heritage, her works reflect a multicultural background that weaves together various mediums, including subjects such as textile materiality, the body and space, cultural mobility, and displacement. Yu-Mei creates a dialogue between visuals and tactile experiences by experimenting with various materials and producing large-scale sculptures and installations that revel in material tactility and the collective experience of space.


LSZ_1991 copy.jpg


2023   XS project, Gina Morandini Gallery of Contemporary Textile Art, Maniago, IT

2023   Craft Show Spring, London, UK

2023   Cast, A.stone, Taipei, Taiwan 2022   8000 miles atelier, Fruit Hotel Taipei, Taiwan

2022   Barbed pobs, Fukuoka, Japan

2022   Soft Dialogue at 2022 London Craft Week, London, UK

2022   Opnner, Fruit Hotel Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2022   Maison Louis Marie VIP workshop, A.stone, Taipei, Taiwan

2022   Sakura, Breeze Nanshan,  Taipei, Taiwan

2022   Salvatore Ferragamo VIP workshop, Taipei, Taiwan

2022   Soft thoughts, 182 art space, Tainan, Taiwan

2021   Michael Kors VIP workshop, Taipei, Taiwan

2021   Texo, Yiri art, Taipei, Taiwan

2021   Jenga, Bridge hole, Taipei, Taiwan

2021   A glimpse of sunshine, Yiri good, Kaoshiung, Taiwan

2021   Plant one on me, Ponding, Taipei, Taiwan

2020   Soft thoughts, 182 art space, Tainan, Taiwan

2019   Flat6, Gye House, URS127: Studio 53, Taipei, Taiwan

2019   2020SS London Fashion Week, Voctoria House, London, UK

2019   All at once, Cork Street Gallery, London, UK

2017  2018SS London Fashion Week, Victoria House, London, UK

2023 Artisan presents by HOMO FABER, Michelangelo Foundation

2023 Practitioner of The Craft Library, Craft Hub EU

2023 The textile art magazine Embroidary, Exclusive interview

2023 Knitting Industry Creatives, Exclusive interview

2023 Art and Materials Lab, Exclusive interview

2023 NYLON JAPAN, Exclusive interview

2023 Elle Taiwan, Exclusive interview

2022 Marie Claire, Exclusive interview

2022 The Knitter, Exclusive interview

2022  Cacao Mag, Exclusive interview

2022  GQ Taiwan, Exclusive interview

2022  La Vie, Exclusive interview

2021  NYLON JAPAN, Exclusive interview

2020  The News Lens, “Yu-mei Huang exclusive Interview”

2019  Fashion Scout Official , “Tradition Meets Modernity at FJU Talent”

2019   La Vie “4 Emerging designers in Taiwan”

2019  Textile View Magazine, “Womenswear Inspiration - connection”

2019  Knitting Industries Creative, “LFW Showcase: FJU Talents’s show with Yu-Mei Huang and Wei-YU Hung”

2019  Fashion Crossover London, “Knitwear Mentos”

2019  Fashion Scout, “Emerging desingers from Taiwan”

2019  Vogue Italia , “Style by Chance project”

2019  Knitting Industries Creative, “Vibrant Sculpture: Discovering the Creative Process of Fashion Scout Endorsed Knitwear Designer Yu-mei.Huang”

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