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YU MEI HUANG is a textile innovation studio combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques to embrace the creative process. Knitting plays an important role in our developing practices. By focusing on textile manipulation, our work is characterized by material experiment and three-dimensional textures which are reinventing from traditional methodology. 

The founder Yu mei Huang is a Taiwanese-born London-based knit artist, designer and craft maker. 

Her works are characteristic by playful approaches and focuses on how garment as an object plays an important role in wearer/viewer’s perspective. Describing her work as “Bold and Funky Sculpture ”, she combines unconventional yarns valuing craftsmanship and allowing different materials to construct her practice. She focuses on textile manipulation and her work is characterized by vibrant colours and three dimensional textures which are reinventing from traditional knitting techniques. Her works push the boundaries between body and space, and redefine the relationship between garment and wearer.


Graduated from Royal College of Art Womenswear Knitwear Master program and her works have been exhibited worldwide her collections are showcasing on London Fashion Week and London Craft Week.

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