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Tan Tan

Knitwear Deisgn consultancy and production

Commissioned for the design and production of knitwear for Tan Tan's 21AW and 22AW collections. The collection was crafted by using 100% wool yarns and was created by utilizing both domestic machine knitting and hand embroidery techniques.


In order to create a unique and high-quality product, I carefully selected the wool yarns and used a combination of traditional knitting methods and modern machinery. The result was a collection that not only showcased the beauty of wool but also reflected the essence of Tan Tan's brand.


After the pieces were knitted, I oversaw the embroidery process to ensure that the finished product was not only beautiful but also functional. Each piece of knitwear in the collection was designed to be comfortable, warm, and durable, while still maintaining a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic.


Throughout the design and production process, I paid close attention to detail and worked closely with the Tan Tan team to ensure that every piece was of the highest quality. The result was a collection of knitwear that was both visually stunning and functional.

Discipline: Fashion

Material:: Knitted fabric, wool, nylon

Year: 2021

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